For many centuries, our people have been creating a state that we would be proud of and that we would not exchange for any treasures – a flourishing, hospitable, united and independent Ukraine. And over all these years we had to protect our home, because there were always those who encroached on our beautiful homeland, on our freedom and wanted to take away what belongs to Ukrainians by their right.

Almost ten years ago, the enemy came to Ukraine again, and on February 24, 2022, the whole world realized that evil has a face, and it is russia. The peaceful life of Ukrainians was cut short, and for 19 months our Motherland has been fighting for justice and its right to exist. Today, we are more united than ever, and every day we are infinitely grateful to the defenders of Ukraine. To those who took up arms and are now on the battlefield, to all volunteers helping the military, refugees and victims. To the rescuers who at any time and in any weather get people and animals out of the rubble, put out fires and save lives in hospitals. You are all our angels, our heroes. We are proud of you, you give us the strength to move on, to continue doing good deeds. Love will defeat evil, and Ukraine will defeat ruscism. We are very close, and we will never deviate from our path, never betray our defenders and our Home.

We thank everyone who brings our Victory closer! Glory to Ukraine!

Zhovten 2023