ECTS Information Package


The European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (hereinafter referred to as ECTS) is a system of transfer and accumulation of credits used in the European Higher Education Area for the purpose of delivery, recognition, validation of qualification and educational components. The system is based on determining the academic workload of a higher education student required to achieve the specified learning outcomes which is counted in ECTS credits.

A credit of the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (hereinafter referred to as ECTS credit) is a unit of evaluation of the required academic workload for the higher education student to achieve the expected professional outcomes. One ECTS credit is equal to 30 hours.

ECTS is a decentralized system of academic recognition of study results, based on the principle of mutual trust between higher education institutions (hereinafter referred to as HEI). In order to implement this principle, ECTS establishes the following rules: availability of information about the suggested higher education courses; reaching agreements between HEIs that send and enroll students; the use of ECTS to determine students’ workload.  

ECTS is a system first of all orientated at students (cadets). Students (cadets) are required to fulfill a certain workload in order to cope with the curricula. Their academic results are to be indicated in graduation documents. ECTS credits are assigned to all theoretical and practical components of the educational program (modules, courses, practices, thesis, etc.). They reflect the quantity of work spent on that component. Students can get their credits only after successful fulfillment of the academic tasks and their appropriate assessment.

Students who use ECTS can receive credits for all academic work fulfilled by them and transfer these academic credits to another higher education institution.


Information about National University “Odessa Maritime Academy”

1.1 Name and address


Address: 8, Didrikhson str., Odesa, Ukraine 65052

Phone: +38 (048) 793-16-72

Fax: +38 (048) 793-16-94


1.2. ECTS coordinator from the institution

Vadym Zakharchenko, Vice-Rector on Scientific and Pedagogical Work, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor is the coordinator of ECTS from the university.

Contact Information:

Address: 8, Didrikhson str., Odesa, Ukraine 65052

Phone/fax: +38 (048) 793-16-74


1.3. General description of the institution

National University “Odessa Maritime Academy (hereinafter – NUOMA) is one of the leaders among higher education institutions (hereinafter – HEI) of Ukraine. Due to the quality of higher education received within the walls of the university by thousands of highly qualified specialists, it has long been well known in the global maritime society.

NUOMA is a leading national maritime HEI, which trains applicants on all levels of higher education necessary for marine officers to meet requirements of the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping of Seafarers, 1978, in accordance with further amendments of the Code on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping of Seafarers and national requirements, giving graduates the rights to work on all types of vessels of Ukrainian and foreign companies.

Graduates of NUOMA obtain a high rating among graduates of other leading maritime higher education institutions. On the whole, the University has trained about 40,000 specialists for the merchant fleet of the former USSR, Ukraine and 45 foreign countries, 8 graduates were awarded the title of Hero of Labor, 5 people became laureates of State awards, 10 – Honored Education Workers of Ukraine, more than 300 graduates were awarded the “Honorary Worker of the Marine Fleet” badge.

Nowadays more than 10,000 cadets and students are receiving higher education in one of the most prestigious higher education institutions. The annual graduation from NUOMA is more than 1,000 specialists. The quantity of students and graduates, who have signed employment contracts with foreign shipowners of Great Britain, Greece, Germany, the Netherlands and other European countries is increasing every year.

NUOMA trains highly educated specialists of licensed levels in specialties, specializations (educational programs) within the license volume, including structural subdivisions: Azov Maritime Institute of NUOMA, Danube Institute of NUOMA, Naval Institute of NUOMA, Maritime Transport Professional College of NUOMA, Department of Military Training of Maritime Transport Professional College of NUOMA, Marinesko Professional Maritime College of NUOMA, Danube Professional College of NUOMA.

Education at NUOMA is carried out in full-time and part-time forms.

Engineering specialties of NUOMA are accredited by the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST) of Great Britain.

NUOMA is an active member of the International Association of Maritime Universities. Scientists and lecturers participate in authoritative forums held by the International Maritime Organization under the UN, leading maritime educational and scientific institutions of the world.

1.4. Historical reference

  • On June 7, 1944, the Odessa Higher Marine School (OHMS) was established.
  • On May 29, 1958, OHMS was renamed to the Odessa Higher Engineering Maritime School (OHEMS).
  • On April 26, 1991, OHEMS was transformed into the Odessa State Maritime Academy (OSMA).
  • On September 21, 2002, the Odessa National Maritime Academy was granted national status and named – Odessa National Maritime Academy (ONMA).
  • On January 1, 2016, ONMA was reorganized into the National University “Odessa Maritime Academy” (NUOMA)

1.5. Scientific schools

NUOMA conducts researches on the development of international maritime policy, economics, national maritime education system, safety of navigation, navigation, technical operation of the fleet; integrated intelligent complexes and systems; ship repair technologies; technological equipment; global maritime radio communications; systems of navigation equipment and hydrographic support of Ukraine.

Collections of scientific works are published in the following: “Shipping and Navigation”, “Ship Power Plants”, “Automation of Ship Technical Facilities”, “Maritime Law: Current Issues of Theory and Practice”.

1.6. Admission procedure

Admission to study for higher education at NUOMA is carried out in accordance with the license for granting educational services by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the Admission Rules of NUOMA (hereinafter – Admission Rules). Admission Rules are developed in accordance with the Procedure for admission to higher education, approved by Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and registered in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. The procedure for admission to study at separate structural units of the University is determined by the Rules of admission to the relevant structural units especially for the Naval Institute of NUOMA, Maritime Transport Professional College of NUOMA, Department of Military Training of Maritime Transport Professional College of NUOMA, Marinesko Professional Maritime College of NUOMA, Danube Professional College of NUOMA, postgraduate and doctoral studies.

The specialists training at the university is carried out at the expense of the state budget (within the limits of the state order) and at the expense of individuals and legal entities.

All information on the requirements for admission to study at NUOMA can be found on the University’s website in the “To the Applicant” section.

In order to prevent non-conformity of health status for admission to marine specialties and according to the requirements of the International STCW Convention, 1978, as amended, and the Rules of evaluating personal medical fitness for working on vessels (Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine dated 19.11.1996 No. 347), all applicants are recommended to undergo a professional medical examination at the University’s medical center. At the request of an applicant, the medical certificate can be passed from the place of residence or any medical institution. Persons planning to be enrolled in the specialization “Navigation and Ships’ Handling” must present a medical certificate on the ability to distinguish colors.

Every year, University cadets must undergo a medical examination before onboard training.

1.7. Structural subdivisions

1.7.1. Educational and scientific institutes located in Odesa

Institute of Navigation

Institute of Engineering

Institute of Automation and Electrical Engineering

Institute of Maritime Law and Management

1.7.2. Separate structural subdivisions of NUOMA

Azov Maritime Institute of NUOMA

Address: 19, Chornomorska Str., Mariupol, Ukraine 87530

Phone: +38 (0629) 37-00-21

Fax: +38 (0629) 37-11-44




Danube Institute of NUOMA

Address: 9, Fanagoriyska str., Izmail, Ukraine 68600

Phone: +38 (04841) 3-90-45, (04841) 6-11-66, (048) 795-68-81



Institute of Naval Forces of the NUOMA

Address: 13, Didrikhson Str., educational building No. 5, Odesa, Ukraine 65029

Phone: +38 (048) 733-16-90




Maritime Transport Professional College of NUOMA

Address: 40/42, Marazlievska str. Odesa, Ukraine, 65014

Phone: +38 (048) 734-16-67




Marinesko Professional Maritime College of NUOMA

Address: 8, Kanatna str. Odesa, Ukraine, 65014

Phone: +38 (048) 725-15-74




Department of Military Training of Maritime Transport Professional College of NUOMA

Address: 40/42, Marazlievska str. Odesa, Ukraine, 65014

Phone: +38 (048) 732-16-60




Danube Professional College of NUOMA

Address: 9, Fanagoriyska str., Izmail, Ukraine 68600

Phone: +38 (067)162-85-75




List of fields of knowledge, specialties, specializations,

educational programs, levels and degrees of higher education,

according to which training is carried out at NUOMA (by subdivisions)


General practical information

2.1. Formalities accepted in Ukraine as to admission of foreign students

Admission of foreigners and stateless persons to higher education institutions is carried out in accordance with the Laws of Ukraine: “Law of Ukraine on Higher Education”, “Law of Ukraine on the Legal Status of Foreigners and Stateless Persons”, “Law of Ukraine on Ukrainians Living Abroad”, “Law of Ukraine on Refugees and Persons in Need of Additional or Temporary Protection”, by the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated November 1, 2013 No. 1541 “Some issues of organization of recruitment and training (internship) of foreigners and stateless persons”, registered in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on November 25, 2013 under No. 2004/24536 (as amended by the Orders of the Ministry of Education and Science No. 1272 dated 11.12.2015, No. 1167 dated 11.08.2017, No. 1265 dated 12.10.2020).

Foreigners and stateless persons (hereinafter referred to as “foreigners”) have a right to obtain higher education at the expense of individuals and legal entities, unless otherwise provided by international treaties of Ukraine, the binding consent of which has been granted by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, legislation or agreements between higher educational institutions on international academic mobility.

Admission of foreigners to NUOMA for studies at the expense of the state budget is carried out within the quotas for foreigners.

Quota for foreigners is established by the quantity assigned by the appropriate state order, which is used to accept applicants from among:

  • foreigners who come to study in accordance with international treaties of Ukraine;
  • Ukrainians living abroad, whose status is certified by a certificate of a Ukrainian living abroad.

Foreigners who come to Ukraine for the purpose of studying, are admitted at NUOMA under accredited curricula (specialties).

Admission of foreign applicants to study at the expense of individuals and legal entities can be carried out:

  • no later than the 1st of December for obtaining bachelor’s and master’s degrees;
  • within the year for postgraduate, doctoral studies.

After submitting an application foreign applicants undergo a medical professional selection at NUOMA, which, among other things, includes fluorography, laboratory examination and testing for the use of drugs and psychotropic substances. Persons who do not meet the health requirements for working on ships of the sea and river fleet (in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine dated 19.11.1996 No. 347), or who were not approved by the medical professional selection board are not allowed to participate in the admission tests and exams.

Enrollment of foreigners to study at the appropriate level of higher education is carried out on the results of the entrance exams determined by the admission procedures.

All categories of foreigners who enroll to study are admitted to the NUOMA on the basis of enrollment orders.

Foreigners are admitted to NUOMA without restrictions based on race, skin color, political, religious and other beliefs, gender, ethnic and social origin, property status, and place of residence, language or other characteristics.

Foreigners submit the following documents:

  • standard application form
  • international passport and its copy;
  • the original (required) and a copy of the document on the complete secondary education and its supplements;
  • a medical certificate on health, certified by the official health care authority of the country from which the foreigner arrived, and issued no later than two months before leaving for study in Ukraine;
  • insurance policies (issued at the university after enrollment, as well as when submitting documents for extending their period of stay in Ukraine);
  • 12 photo cards of size 45*35 mm;
  • an issued visa, in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of Ukraine;
  • a certificate of recognition of an education document (at the time of admission or during the first month of study).

Passport, education document, medical health certificate and birth certificate are to be notarized with the translation into Ukrainian in accordance with the legislation of the country of their issuance and also be legalized by the consulate of Ukraine in the appropriate country in accordance with the established procedure.

While being accepted for study, persons who submit a document about the degree (level) of education obtained abroad (hereinafter referred to as the Document), are to undergo a special procedure of its recognition and establishment of the equivalence.  The Document equivalence is mandatory and it is carried out in accordance with the appropriate Procedure, approved by the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated 05/05/2015 No. 504, registered in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on 06/27/2015 under No. 614/27059.

Conducting entrance tests  and exams on the subjects provided by the Admission Rules and enrollment of foreigners who have studied at a higher educational institution and intend to continue their study at the next level, on the basis of contracts signed by NUOMA with individuals and legal entities, is carried out within the time limits established by the legislation regarding their registration in the State Migration Service (within 10 calendar days from the date of signing the Order of expulsion from the previous institution). Entrance exams and enrollment of foreigners are carried out on the basis of invitations to study and contracts, signed by the University with individuals and legal entities is carried out between the 1st of July and the 1st of December of the current year.

Foreigners who are granted state scholarships under international agreements, state-wide programs, and other international obligations of Ukraine are admitted to study at NUOMA within the limits of the established quotas for foreigners based on referrals from the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Foreigners who come to NUOMA to participate in academic mobility programs or to obtain higher education according to educational programs agreed between the University and foreign higher education institutions, are admitted to study taking into account the relevant contractual obligations of NUOMA.

Foreign Ukrainians who are legally staying in Ukraine, and whose status is certified by a certificate of a foreign Ukrainian, when they are admitted to NUOMA, have the same rights to obtain an education as citizens of Ukraine, with exceptions established by the Constitution of Ukraine, laws of Ukraine or international treaties, the consent of which is binding on the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

Ukrainians living abroad, whose status is certified by a certificate of a Ukrainian living abroad, can be enrolled to study at the NUOMA according to the state order within the limits of the established quotas for foreigners, according to entrance tests in the subjects provided for NUOMA Admission Rules.

2.2. How to get to the University

The University is conveniently located near bus and route-taxi stops.

Driving to the University:

  • from the airport by route taxis No. 117 and 129 to the railway station;
  • from the sea station by route-taxi No. 210, trolleybus No. 10 to the railway station;

from the railway station by trams No. 5 to the “Serova” street stop, No. 28 to the “Torgova” street stop; by route-taxi 127, 214 to the bus stop on the “Torgova” street stop; by route-taxi 191, 197 to the “Malovsky” street stop.

2.3. Accommodation

The University has a modern campus with 4 dormitories that can be used by cadets.

NUOMA provides foreign students with rooms in the dormitory.

The term of residence in the dormitory is determined by the term of the study agreement signed between the University and the foreign citizen.

The students’ needs of accommodation and its cost are determined by the educational contract.

The University does not undertake:

  • on the stay of family members of a foreign student in Ukraine and providing them with accommodation;
  • to pay for food and cultural recreation of a foreign student.

2.4. Health and insurance

The university has its own medical and sanitary centre with modern equipment to carry out a full medical examination of applicants, cadets and the annual medical professional examinations of cadets.

Medical care for cadets is provided free of charge. At the medical and sanitary centre, there is a prophylactic sanitary, in which day treatment of cadets is carried out. Foreign cadets can use the services of the medical and sanitary centre of the University at the same level as cadets who are citizens of Ukraine. These services are included in the terms of the study agreement.

All foreign citizens who study at NUOMA, in accordance with the current legislation, conclude an agreement on mandatory medical insurance with the Ukrainian state company for giving emergency medical assistance to foreign citizens.

Foreign citizens can also use the services of medical institutions at their own expense.

2.5. Study conditions

The educational process at the University is provided by modern educational and laboratory equipment, marine simulators, educational workshops, technical teaching aids, computer equipment, multimedia classes in accordance with the requirements of the curricula and programs of the academic disciplines.

The scientific library of NUOMA and its separate divisions have an educational and scientific fund containing more than 500,000 books, reading rooms equipped with computers with the possibility of using the Internet.

All full-time cadets are provided with uniforms, food and accommodation according to established standards. Persons studying at the University have the right to receive scholarships in accordance with the current legislation.

The work and rest order of cadets is regulated by the daily schedule, which practically simulates the conditions of life and work on a ship and corresponds to the statutory provisions of the navy.

All cadets studying the specialty “Maritime and Inland Water Transport” pass onboard training in the shipping companies of Ukrainian and foreign shipowners. As a rule, after completing onboard training, cadets are invited to work in the shipping companies.

Graduates of the University receive diplomas and certificates that allow them to occupy management positions on ships of any shipping companies in the world.

2.6. Other practical information

The city of Odesa has a sufficient quantity of financial institutions (banks) where foreign citizens can open their own accounts in the national currency of Ukraine and in foreign currency for carrying out any financial transactions. Western Union, VISA, MAESTRO, MASTERCARD, etc. networks are active.