The XXVIII regional student games of the 2019-2020 academic year began with a chess tournament in the 2nd group among higher educational establishments of Odessa, where the chess team of National University “Odessa Maritime Academy” participated. The competition was held at NU “OMA” chess club, where our cadets won the first place and the right to perform among the best student chess teams of Odessa region. Dmitry Sokolov, a senior teacher of Physical Education Department of NU “OMA” prepared the team.

The winning team included the following participants: Lytvyn Sofia — Automation Faculty ; Gorobets Victoria — Electrical Engineering and Radio Electronics Faculty; Maria Cherednichenko — Maritime Law and Management Faculty; Ivanov Nikolay — Marine Engineering Faculty; Tyskovets Violeta, Tsintsadze Ruslan, Koryakin Artem, Volkov Andriy – Navigation Faculty.